Advance Metallurgical Private Limited- NABL Accredited Laboratory

Advance Metallurgical Private Limited is providing various metal testing services like:

  • Spectro Chemical Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Corrosion Testing
  • PMI Testing & NDT Like UT, DP, MPT, UT Thickness Measurement, Portable Hardness Test
  • Failure Analysis

With team of proven enriched professional, our main motto & commitment is to provide, trust worthy, timely test result to customer along with competitive test charges and minimum time duration, for helping customer's to meet their production target.

Company Brief

Advance Metallurgical Private Limited is being established by well experienced Technocrats  JITENDRA D.DAVE / BHARGAV J DAVE, which is located in the western part of the India, Vadodara having NABL accreditation -within 8 Month from Establishment  with state of art Testing Facilities for Various Metal  & Physical Tensile Testing Services, Metallurgical Testing services like Spectro Chemical analysis, Physical - Mechanical Testing / Micro Structure of Metal - Various IGC Practices / Failure Analysis / Site Services like PMI, UT Thickness Measurement, Portable Hardness Testing, UT, DP, MPI / RLA  to cater to the needs of customer in fast changing era to serve you.

Over & above having more than 28 years of practical experience of various industries & have worked as a Management & Technical Consultant.  

Our Material / Metallurgical Testing Services as mentioned below

1) Spectro Chemical Analysis
We have installed latest version of spectrometer with digital / plasma technology i.e.6th Version of Spectrometer from M/s Spectro Gmbh, Germany which is capable of conducting Chemical Analysis of Various Metals like

a) FE BASE: Any Fe Base Metal / Any Stainless Steel i.e. Any SS Metals with Nitrogen analysis.
b) COPPER: Pure Copper& All Copper Base Metals
c) ALUMINUM: Pure Aluminum & All Aluminum Base Metals
d) NICKEL: Any Nickel Base Material

2)    Physial  / Mechnical Testing 

a) Tensile Test / Compression Test                                                         
b) Tensile Test with Electronic Extensometer 0.2%, 0.5%, 1.0% Proof Stress
c) Tensile Test of TMT Bar,/ Tor Bar
d) Mockup /Pullout Test / Load Test
e) Nick Break Test
f)  Fracture Test
g) Charpy Impact Test at RoomTemp./ at Sub Zero /at Minus Temp.
h) Hardness Test HRB,HRC, HRB
i) Bend Test/ Root / Face /Side / Rebend Bend Test
j) Fattening / Flaring Test
k) Permanent Set Test of Spring Washer
j) Permanent Load Test of Spring Washer
k) Twist Test of Spring Washer

l) Macro Test of Butt Weld / Fillet Weld
m) FRP TEST:- Tensile / Compression /
                     Crushing / Flexural Test / Centi Lever Test
n) REFECTORY: Cold Crushing Strength / Bulk Density Test of Refractory
o) Compression Test of spring
p) Unit Weight of Measurement
q) Dimensional Measurement        

1) Metallurgical Testing   

a) Microstructure
b) Grain Size
c) Linear Measurement
d) Inclusion Rating
e) Nodularity Measurement
f) Macro Test of weld
g) Case Depth  
h) All IGC Practices as per ASTM/ISO/IS

2) Site Services

We are providing following site services

a) PMI Testing     
b) UT Testing,       
c) UT Thickness Measurement
d) MPI Testing          
e) DP Testing   
f)  Portable Hardness Test

Our main motto, commitment to provide Trust worthy, Timely test result, with Ethical manner  to customer with competitive test charges  to meet their production Target requirement & to push up the same 

Services Offered
We are engaged in undertaking various testing services as per the clients' requirement. We provide:

Chemical Testing
Our Laboratory is fully fledged with essential machinery along with traces elements such as Boron, Nitrogen and many others. Besides, we provide testing for all applications.

Mechanical Testing
Almost all domestic and foreign third party inspection agencies have approved our mechanical testing calibration.

Corrosion Testing
Our corrosion testing involves testing of Hydrogen Induced Corrosion, Sulphide Stress Cracking Corrosion (SSCC) and other types of IGC tests accordance to the NACE, A262 and ISO 3651 standards. Further, we provide this time consuming testing in clipped possible time.

Metallography Testing
We also perform RLA and failure analysis under his direction.

Quality Assurance and Domain Expertise
Quality is the guiding principle of our company. Since the inception, we have concentrated all our efforts to ensure world class services to our clients. We follow a strict quality control mechanism throughout our operations. Moreover, all the Metal Testing Services are undertaken in compliance with the ISO / IEC 17025:2005 standards. Owing to our unparalleled domain expertise, we have been able to mark our strong presence in the market.

We are also backed by a diligent team of professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the field. They work in accordance with industry recommended guidelines and leave no stone unturned to meet the varied requirements of our clients. In addition, we are equipped with latest laboratory testing equipment.

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